We have developed an unrivalled reputation in building and tuning engines found in turbocharged Audis and VWs of the last 20 years, and are continuing to develop performance knowledge at the leading edge on the latest 1.8 turbo (1.8T), V6 bi-turbo, and V8 bi-turbo engines found in the TT, RS4 and RS6.

Low Volume & Prototype Engine Development

As well as undertaking individual tuning, race engine builds and rebuild / restoration projects, we have carry out low-volume engine development and production. Please click on the link above for more information.

ECU (Engine Management System) Tuning

We are dealers for three respected manufacturers of engine management systems that either change the existing map without altering the ECU (Revo), suitable for moderate power gains to road cars, or replace the ECU altogether as well as the software (Lumenition & Motec), depending on your power output / flexibility / cost requirements.


• Revo engine remapping ("chip tuning")


• Lumenition aftermarket ECUs


• Motec aftermarket ECUs

All of the parts we carry are tested thoroughly by us before we will sell them and many are built to our specification. Tuning is about the matching of components in a package as much as the components themselves, so we prefer to discuss your requirements rather than listing tuning menus on our website.

Whether you require a standard engine rebuild, a remap of the ECU to gain more power for fast road use, or a competition engine with steel crank, steel rods and forged pistons, we will devise a custom package to suit your budget and requirements.


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