UK Audi Clubs




Club Audi

"Club Audi caters for owners of all Audi models, classic and contemporary, standard and exotic"

Audi Owner's Club

Enthusiast site, very frequently updated, quite good, LOADS of good european links.

quattro owner's club

http: //

Club specifically for owners of Audi quattro's.

Group B car club

http: //

Club for owners of all Group B homologated cars as well as later 4wd cars such as Skylines, Imprezas, Lancers.




International Audi Clubs and Organisations




Quattro Club (USA)

http: //

Largest USA Audi enthusiast association, has links to all regional associations




Agents for Dialynx Products




Quattro Sport Zentrum

AUSTRALIAN Audi specialist based in Melbourne, Victoria.

Total Audi Performance (TAP)

USA Audi specialist based in Orlando, Florida.




UK hill climb, Sprint and Motorsport Links




The UK Motorsports Index

Probably the best portal for all UK motorsport links.

hill climb and sprint association

None. Membership Tel: 01926 424609

The essential specific hill climb / sprint association. Runs competition and produces excellent magazine 6 times / year.

British hill climb Championship Top 12 Runoff

Excellent reports on British hill climb Championship events.

Gurston Down hill climb

http: //

Near Salisbury, one of the fastest hillclimbs on the UK calendar.

Shelsley Walsh hill climb

Oldest continuously used motorsport venue in the world (since 1905). Stunning scenery, very steep, needs big commitment.

Harewood hill climb

None. Tel: 0114 234 0478 for hill climb driver's school

The longest regularly used venue in England at approx 1 mile. Very friendly, challenging course, and quick turnaround.

Wiscombe Park hill climb

Classic Devon scenery (just outside Honiton) & demanding course where bravery can result in very bent machinery due to many immovable obstacles. Great spectating. Said to rain a lot!

Doune hill climb


Near Edinburgh, 1680 yards. "A superb venue...... not for the faint hearted". Insanely fast local drivers.

Loton Park hill climb

http: //

8 miles west of Shrewsbury, 1475 yards. "A tremendous challenge, and arguably the most difficult hill in Britain". No time to lose concentration. 'Cedar Straight' on the top part of the course is a bit of a misnomer!

Prescott hill climb

Ferrari Owner's Club a bit plebeian? Try the Bugatti Owner's Club, who run Prescott, near Cheltenham. One of the absolute classics. Scenery, spectating, restaurant, action can't be faulted.


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