When selling performance-enhancing parts and expertise we feel it is important to be able to give you our advice from first-hand experience and to stock or reject parts accordingly.

Through our racing programme we are continuously developing our knowledge of the performance boundaries of both standard and competition parts, as well as developing new ways of gaining cost-effective performance that we can apply to your turbocharged Audi.

So here is the Dialynx competition history to date, and the races we are entering this year, where we would be very happy to meet you, even just to chat (please phone first on 01793 772245 first to double check).

June 2005 Keith Murray records 4 wins from 4 starts with Audi A4

With a better start than he could have hoped for, Keith led his first race on 28 March from the outset and never lost the lead. On the 16th April double header he proved the reliability and potential of the A4 with 2 more wins, and following the 2nd May & 30th May rounds he is unbeated to date. Click here for Autosport's report on the race.

2005 Dialynx builds new Audi A4 for circuit racing in BRSCC Castle Combe Saloon Championship

For 2005 Dialynx has built a new racer based on a 1.8 Turbo Audi A4 4 wheel drive saloon, entered in the Castle Coombe BRSCC Castle Combe Saloon Championship. The series format is a semi-roadgoing one, requiring road-legal tyres, standard gearbox and original engine block, although items such as the engine management and turbo can be changed. The racer is fitted with Motec M800 engine management and a modified turbo so that the car is now producing in excess of 350 bhp. The series dates are listed below

National Mobile Windscreens Castle Combe Saloons

Championship Details

28 Mar - Castle Combe

16 Apr - Castle Combe(DH)

2 May - Castle Combe

30 May - Castle Combe

25 Jun - Castle Combe

26 Jun - Castle Combe

6 Aug - Castle Combe

29 Aug - Castle Combe

8 Oct - Castle Combe

2004 GTI International Fastest Time

Dialynx quattro posts winning sprint times of 0-60 in 2.5 secs and 10.11 secs 1/4 mile

2003 Dialynx quattro wins 'Extreme Machines' 0-60 shootout for road-legal cars

Giving GTI International a rest this year, Keith Murray of Dialynx won the 0-60 challenge for road-legal cars held at Elvington Airfield near York on March 15 2003. His rivals included a twin-engined Mini, V8-powered drag race cars, Skyline GTRs, Mitsubishi Evo's, Sierra Cosworths and a twin VR6-engined Golf. Keith posted a best time of 3.07 seconds on Yokohama road tyres. Click here for the full article.

2002 Fastest time GTI International 1/4 mile sprint

Keith Murray of Dialynx posts a winning time of 0-60 in 2.37 seconds and 10.11 seconds 1/4 mile

2002 Fastest Time of Day, Castle Coombe sprint

Dialynx's Keith Murray clocks 63.16 seconds to win the July Castle Coombe sprint. Datalogging records that the quattro reaches 160 mph in 12 seconds from a standing start. Read the full article here.

2001 Fastest time GTI International 1/4 mile sprint

2000 Fastest time GTI International 1/4 mile sprint 3rd year!

This year sees Keith contesting the BRITISH hill climb LEADER'S CHAMPIONSHIP in the Modified Production (racing car) class over 2000cc with the 1999 racer. Over the winter Keith decided the car was a bit gutless, so he uprated the turbo and manifold so that the car is now producing 500-550 bhp at the flywheel - still with the standard Audi 5 speed gearbox which originally only had to handle 200 bhp and has so far survived all the abuse unchanged from last year. This means slick racing tyres, rollcage, stripped out and lightened bodyshell, free choice of gearbox, and engine modifications as long as the original engine block is retained.

The Leader's is the top level national SPEED HILLCLIMBING competition for saloon cars, and requires an extremely good knowledge of each hill climb in order to post a good time, as the maximum track width is 12ft and each hill climb only lasts from 30-90 seconds, so mistakes or lack of knowledge cost (at best) vital seconds, and at worst, a car whose wheelbase is shorter still than the original specification.

1998 Fastest time, Gti International 1/4 mile sprint

This marked our first year of serious competition with the roadgoing 400 bhp Mark 1 Dialynx Sport quattro replica racer.

1998 Class Winner, Leader's National Hillclimb Series


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